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Rules & Structure

  • Be respectful of everyone. We are here to have fun and raise money for charity!

  • Poker Tournaments pay 1 out of every 8 players.

  • Half the ticket purchase goes to the prize pool. The other half plus all rebuys and add-ons go to the charity.

  • One player to a hand. Please don’t discuss what you folded, what is possible based on the community cards, or what you think another player should do.

  • Please protect your cards at all times: This includes not showing other players on purpose or accident.

  • No exchanging/sharing chips.

  • Volunteer Dealers will manage their table and can rely on the Tournament Director for assistance.

  • Tournament Director decisions are final.

  • 5,000 starting chips, 5,000 chip dealer bonus, 15,000 for rebuys, 25,000 for add-ons.

  • Blind structure listed below:

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