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Gamble For Good was founded by Damien Rennie, a financial advisor at SkyOak Capital during the day, and a tournament director on the weekends! Damien founded Gamble for Good as a consulting company so that when Southern Oregon charities want to organize a “Casino Night” or Poker Tournament to raise funds, Gamble For Good will be there to partner with the charity and offer a great experience at a fraction of the cost, sending more money to the charities!


How do you get involved? Easy!


Visit our Services page to see which event is up next and buy tickets or go to the Contact Us page, send your info and what you’re interested in (playing, volunteering or partnering/donating) and join with us for a great time!


*Now offering company/house parties!


After being founded in 2015, Gamble For Good has teamed up with Southern Oregon charities to provide fun and exciting events. Our goal is to help to cut costs, raise revenues and send more money where it counts! We have worked with numerous foundations over the years such as "Toys For Tots" where we raised over $4500 and helped provide 450 toys for children in Jackson County.  In addition, we helped the "Tumor Hater" group to raise over $7500 to help those battle tumors of any kind. Gamble For Good has worked with numerous charities and corporations to provide a unique and one-of-a-kind night to help raise funds for local non-profits.


Our services include a variety of packages to create the best event for your company. Our events are hassle-free and specialized for your needs. Our events are a great way for family, friends, or employees to relax, socialize, and enjoy a night of poker. Further, these events are a great way to team up with the community and help out local charities. The team at Gamble For Good looks to make your events as seamless as possible. We have a 1 Roulette, 1 Craps, 8 Blackjack, & 10 poker tables available for use. In addition, we bring all the gaming tables, cards, poker chips, roulette wheel, & more. Typically, you will provide a date, venue, chairs, food, drinks, and any additional items you may need for your event.

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